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African Tenders February 26, 2010

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SSABE CONNECTS YOU with Sub Sahara Africa at no cost, – it is a free service for all built environment suppliers and contractors. No registration, just a get-down-to-basics Internationally Acclaimed service. Just send your eddress and request to westernpacificinvestments@gmail.com

SSABE PRODUCES A weekly international tender and news collation of matters relating to the built environment. An easy scrolling ‘WORD FORMAT NEWSLETTER’ in country alphabetical order divided into the key trade blocs.

The articles covered in these weekly updates will provide you with the leads you need to follow up on early warning prospects. Most have names and companies for you to record.

Should you target an individual country before a trade visit, scanning the relevant collations will give you a myriad of prospective appointments in business development.



Request For Proposals

City/Locality:    Cotonou

Publication Date:   Feb 9, 2010  Deadline:   Mar 24, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

34513200 – Tug boats

BURKINA FASO: Tender – National Plan on Drinking Water Provision by 2015 in Burkina Faso

Opportunity Type: Consulting

Proposal Due Date: Apr 01, 2011

BURKINA FASO: Tender – Agriculture Data Collection in the Sourou Valley and Comoe Basin

Opportunity Type: Consulting

Proposal Due Date: Mar 11, 2010

CAMEROON: Technical assistance for the rural development programme in the North-West, East and Far North regions of Cameroon Prior Information Notice

Publication Date:   Feb 4, 2010

Original Language:   French

Goods, Works and Services

71356200 – Technical assistance services

CAMEROON: Supply of Farm Equipment for the Tender Offers Affiliated to the Cocoa and Coffee Interprofessional Council in Cameroon

Status: Forecast

Opportunity Type: Goods

Project Summary

Intitulé  Quantités

Lot 1 Groupe motopompe  37; Atomiseur  456

Lot 2 Décortiqueuses café  5

Lot 3 Récepteur de charge (bascules), portée 1000 – 1500 Kg  9; Balance romaine, portée 100 – 150 Kg  165;

Hygromètre  7; Hygromètre portable à sonde complet 7

CAMEROON: Project – Semi-Urban Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Cameroon

Opportunity Type: Consulting, Goods, Works

Project Summary – The total project cost is estimated at UA 45.58 million (US$ 68.37 million).

Component 1: Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Facilities

Component 2: Institutional Support

Component 3: Project Management and Coordination

C.A.R.: Tender – CEMAC Zone Regional Transport Facilitation Program in the Central African Republic: Procurement of Station for Crushing of Materials and Operating of Quarry

Opportunity Type: Works, Goods

Proposal Due Date: Mar 25, 2010

Project Summary

– Lot 1: une Unité de concassage

– Lot 2: Matériel d’exploitation

– Lot 2 A: un Chariot de forage hydraulique

– Lot 2 B: deux Pelles hydrauliques

– Lot 2 C: une Chargeuse sur pneus

– Lot 2 D: une grue tout terrain

– Lot 3: Camions bennes

– Lot 3 A: Deux (2) camions bennes de granulats

– Lot 3 B: deux (2) Camions Bennes de carrières

– Lot 4: un groupe électrogène de 500 KVA

La production de l’autorisation du fabricant est requise.

COMOROS: Tender – Drinking Water Provision in the Peninsula of Sima d’ Anjouan in Comoros

Opportunity Type: Consulting

Proposal Due Date: Apr 01, 2010

CONGO R.O.C.: Tender – Study of the Renovation for Doussala-Dolisie Road and Transport Facilitation of Libreville-Brazaville Corridor in the Republic of Congo and Gabon: General Procurement Notice

Status: Forecast

Opportunity Type: Works, Goods, Consulting

Project Summary

L’étude couvre les deux (2) volets suivants :

a) Faisabilité et avant projet détaillé en vue de la réhabilitation de la route LOUSSALA-DOLISIE, y compris les ouvrages de franchissement et le poste de contrôle frontalier unique ;

b) Audit du don.

Côte d’Ivoire: Tender – Preparation of a Study for the Master Plan for the Port Autonome de San Pedro

Status: Forecast

Opportunity Type: Consulting

EAST AFRICA: Tender – Nile Basin Initiative; Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program; Kagera River Basin Management Project in Eastern Africa: Consulting Services – Undertake the Feasibility Study for Agricultural Water Development Project in the Kagera River Basin

Opportunity Type: Consulting

Express Interest By: Feb 17, 2010

EGYPT: Project – Gabal El Asfar Wastewater Treatment Plant (GAWWTP) Project in Cairo, Egypt

Opportunity Type: Works, Goods, Consulting

Project Summary – (AfDB) Group approved a loan of EUR 53.33 million, equivalent to UA 48.56 million (US$ 72.84 million) to finance the project.

Component 1: Wastewater Treatment Expansion (UA 203.77 million/US$ 305.66 million)

Component 2: Institutional Support and Sanitation, and Hygiene Promotion (UA 0.66 million/US$ 0.99 million)

Component 3: Engineering Services (UA 8.21 million/US$ 12.32 million)

The total project cost is UA 212.64 million (US$ 318.96 million).


Publication Date:   Feb 3, 2010  Deadline:   Mar 10, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

34113000 – 4-wheel-drive vehicles

ERITREA: Long-term technical assistance for the ERCOE project Prior Information Notice

City/Locality:    ASMARA

Publication Date:   Feb 5, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

71356200 – Technical assistance services

ETHIOPIA: Project – Mombasa-Nairobi-Addis Ababa Road Corridor Project (Phase II) in Ethiopia and Kenya

Opportunity Type: Works, Goods, Consulting

Project Summary – The project, with a total cost estimated at UA 328.76 million (US$ 493.14 million), will be co-financed by the African Development Bank Group, the European Union, as well as the Ethiopian and Kenyan governments. The Loan Agreement for the Ethiopia component of the Project was signed on 15 January 2010.

ETHIOPIA: Tender – Construction of 85 Standard Health Centers, 9 Regional Warehouses, and Renovation of 100 Health Centers

Opportunity Type: Works

Proposal Due Date: Mar 19, 2010

Project Summary

The goal of this contract is to construct approximately 85 Government of Ethiopia (GOE)-standard health centers, construct approximately 9 regional warehouses, and renovate approximately 100 health centers. Construction companies must be registered in Ethiopia according to the applicable construction law.

ETHIOPIA: Consultancy service for Water Supply Study and Design Awareness Creation and Catchments Rehabilitation for Geffersa Legedadi and Dire Catchments Areas

Request For Expressions of Interest

City/Locality:    Addis Abeba

Publication Date:   Feb 8, 2010  Deadline:   Feb 22, 2010

Original Language:   English


71610000 – Composition and purity testing and analysis services

65130000 – Operation of water supplies

65100000 – Water distribution and related services

71600000 – Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services

71630000 – Technical inspection and testing services

GAMBIA, THE: Tender – Technical Assistance for the Supervision of Rehabilitation and Upgrading Works of Trunk Roads in the Gambia and Senegal

Opportunity Type: Consulting

Express Interest By: Feb 28, 2010

Contract description: The technical assistance contract aims to provide the contracting authority and the supervising authorities with the on-the-spot supervision of the works contract, its administration and management, thus assuring a timely and proper technical, administrative and financial execution of the works. The works contract provides for periodic maintenance, rehabilitation and upgrading of 2 major trunk roads in the Gambia (approximately 225 km) and Senegal (approximately 13 km).

GHANA: Tender – Urban Water Project (UWP) in Ghana: Subsequent Year Investment Programme (SYIP) In Upper West Region: Covering Works on the Wa Water Supply System

Opportunity Type: Works

Proposal Due Date: Apr 01, 2010

GHANA: Supply and delivery of forensic science laboratory equipment to the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police Service Request For Proposals

City/Locality:    ACCRA

Publication Date:   Feb 3, 2010  Deadline:   Apr 14, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

22114000 – Dictionaries, maps, music books and other books

33696000 – Reagents and contrast media

38000000 – Laboratory, optical and precision equipments (excl. glasses)

38434000 – Analysers

38510000 – Microscopes

38651000 – Cameras

GHANA: Consulting Services for Technical and Operational Audit of the Power Utilities in Ghana

Request For Expressions of Interest

Publication Date:   Feb 4, 2010  Deadline:   Mar 9, 2010

Original Language:   English


65300000 – Electricity distribution and related services

GUINEA-BISSAU: Tender – WAEMU Capital Market Development Project in Guinea-Bissau: Construction Works for Urban Roads in Bissau

Proposal Due Date: Apr 05, 2010

Project Summary – les Travaux de réhabilitation et de construction de voiries urbaines de Bissau. Le délai d’exécution est laissé à l’appréciation des soumissionnaires mais ne peut pas excéder treize (13) mois. Toute offre proposant un délai supérieur à treize (13) mois sera considérée comme non conforme et rejetée.

GUINEA-BISSAU: Tender – Rehabilitation Works on UN Buildings in Guinea-Bissau

Opportunity Type: Works

Proposal Due Date: Feb 23, 2010

Les travaux de réhabilitation ont été divisés en QUATRE LOTS:

LOT 1 : Réhabilitation/Reconstruction du Mur de clôture, des deux (2) guérites, de la maison et lettrines des gardiens.

LOT 2 : Réhabilitation du Bâtiment « 2 » (Bâtiment à deux étages)

LOT 3 : Réhabilitation du Bâtiment « 1 » (Bâtiment à un étage)

LOT 4 : Forage avec dépôt(s) et pompe(s) correspondant(s)

KENYA: Northern Corridor rehabilitation programme phase III Request For Proposals

City/Locality:    NAIROBI

Publication Date:   Feb 11, 2010  Deadline:   Feb 26, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

45233140 – Roadworks

KENYA: KE-Electricity SIL (2010) Prior Information Notice

Publication Date:   Feb 10, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

71320000 – Engineering design services

71310000 – Consultative engineering and construction services


Request For Expressions of Interest

Publication Date:   Feb 8, 2010  Deadline:   Feb 26, 2010

Original Language:   English


71530000 – Construction consultancy services


Publication Date:   Feb 2, 2010  Deadline:   Mar 10, 2010

Original Language:   English


71311000 – Civil engineering consultancy services

71800000 – Consulting services for water-supply and waste consultancy

KENYA: Tender – Water and Sanitation Service Improvement Project (WASSIP) in Kenya: Feasibility Studies, Detailed Designs, Tender Documents Preparation and Works Supervision for Extension of Water and Sanitation Services to Informal Settlements in Lake Victoria North Water Service Board

Opportunity Type: Consulting

Proposal Due Date: Mar 10, 2010

KENYA: Tender – Supply of Water Meters in Kenya

Opportunity Type: Goods

Proposal Due Date: Mar 24, 2010

Project Summary – KE-Kisumu: EDF — supply of water meters Location — Lake Victoria South Water Services Board region, Kenya

Description of the contract: The contract involves the supply, delivery, and after-sales service to the Lake Victoria South Water Services Board of bulk, zonal and consumer water meters in the following sizes:

— 1/2” — 4 000 No, — 3/4” — 500 No, — 4” — 100 No, — 8” — 10 No, —12” — 10 No, —14” — 5 No.

KENYA: Tender – Water and Sanitation Service Improvement Project (WASSIP) in Kenya: Feasibility Studies, Detailed Designs, Tender Documents Preparation and Works Supervision for Extension of Water and Sanitation Services to Informal Settlements in Lake Victoria North Water Service Board

Opportunity Type: Consulting

Proposal Due Date: Mar 10, 2010

Project Summary – services for Feasibility Studies, Detailed Design, Tender Document Preparation and Works Supervision for Extension of Water and Sanitation Services to the Informal Settlements in Mombasa and Malindi

MADAGASCAR: Tender – Equipment for Decentralized Rural Electrification by Means of Biomass Cogeneration, Additional Elements and Accessories in Madagascar

Opportunity Type: Goods

Proposal Due Date: Apr 09, 2010

Project Summary

MG-Antananarivo: EDF — equipment for decentralised rural electrification by means of biomass cogeneration, additional elements and accessories

— Specified cogeneration equipment:

• 6 steam boilers of 1 500 kg at 16 bars with a biomass burner made of refractory bricks containing a sloping grate adapted to the different types of biomass fuel (energy wood, rice husk, corn cob, etc.),

• 6 vertical steam engines, each with a capacity of 70 kW,

• 6 electric generators with a capacity of 70 kW.

MALAWI: Tender – Environmental and Natural Resources Management (ENRM) Action Plan in Malawi

Opportunity Type: Works, Consulting

Proposal Due Date: Mar 15, 2010

Project Summary – contractor to prepare an Environmental and Natural Resources Management (ENRM) Action Plan for the Malombe East and Malombe West catchments in the upper Shire River Basin, above the Liwonde Barrage – Malawi.

MALAWI: Regional Interconnection and Infrastructure Support to Malawi

Status: Forecast

Opportunity Type: Consulting, Works

Researcher Action Date: May 15, 2010

Project Summary – the indicative budget is EUR70 million ($108 million).

MALI: Tender – Agricultural Equipment in Mali

Opportunity Type: Goods

Proposal Due Date: Mar 11, 2010

Project Summary – relatif à la fourniture des équipements/matériels pour les sols/nutrition/no-till component et du matériel biotechnologie /produits chimiques.

MALI: Tender – Energy Support Project in Mali: Consulting Services on the Component on Capacity and Extension of Network

Opportunity Type: Consulting

Express Interest By: Feb 26, 2010

MALI: Supervision and inspection of works to develop an irrigated perimeter of 2 500 ha in section ‘D’ of the M’Béwani rice zone and construction of 42 km of collector drain in the Kala Supérieur

Request For Proposals

City/Locality:    BAMAKO

Publication Date:   Feb 2, 2010  Deadline:   Mar 8, 2010

Original Language:   French

Goods, Works and Services

71700000 – Monitoring and control services

MAURITIUS: Tender – Supply of General Laboratory Equipment for the Quality Control and Inspection of Fishery Products in Mauritius

Opportunity Type: Goods

Proposal Due Date: Mar 16, 2010

MAURITIUS: Technical assistance for implementation of a regional fisheries strategy for the ESA-IO region Prior Information Notice

City/Locality:    QUATRE BORNES

Publication Date:   Feb 4, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

71356200 – Technical assistance services

MAURITIUS: Technical assistance for implementing the Small Island Developing States Mauritius Strategy in the ESA-IO region Prior Information Notice

City/Locality:    QUATRE BORNES

Publication Date:   Feb 4, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

71356200 – Technical assistance services

MAYOTTE: Storage installation for non-hazardous waste — first phase Prior Information Notice

City/Locality:    MAMOUDZOU

Publication Date:   Feb 4, 2010

Original Language:   French

Goods, Works and Services

45222100 – Waste-treatment plant construction work

MOROCCO: Tender – Construction Works for Sewer Networks in Morocco

Opportunity Type: Works, Goods

Proposal Due Date: Mar 16, 2010

Project Summary – les travaux de prolongement du delesteur D2 et renforcement de ses réseaux amont sur environ 1.5 km en dalot de dimensions allant de 1.2×1.2 à 1.7×1.7.

MOROCCO: Tender – Modernization of Irrigated Agriculture in the Basin Perimeters Dependent from Oum Er Rbia in Morocco: Provision of Technical Assistance in Monitoring and Control of Work for the Conversion to Localized Irrigation in the Haouz Perimeter

Opportunity Type: Consulting

Express Interest By: Feb 25, 2010


City/Locality:    Maputo

Publication Date:   Feb 1, 2010  Deadline:   Feb 15, 2010

Original Language:   English


71320000 – Engineering design services

MOZAMBIQUE: Tender – Technical Assistance for Engineering Services in Mozambique

Proposal Due Date: Mar 31, 2010

Project Summary – The objective of this assignment is to provide assistance to the MCA and IEs in analyzing and providing comments, according to the scopes of the Terms of References, the methodology and approach of the 8 consultant contracts for performing Detailed Design and Supervision of Works, for:

• upgrading and rehabilitation of 491km of roads,

• upgrading and expansion of 8 water supply systems,

• upgrading and expansion 6 sanitation and drainage systems,

• rehabilitation of the Nacala Dam, and

• construction or rehabilitation of 600 rural water point.

MOZAMBIQUE: General public services – Consultoria para o desenho do plano de accao para o establecimento do sistema de planificacao, monitoria e avaliacao baseada nos resultados

Request For Expressions of Interest

City/Locality:    Maputo

Publication Date:   Feb 10, 2010  Deadline:   Mar 15, 2010

Original Language:   Portuguese


75110000 – General public services

75112000 – Administrative services for business operations

MOZAMBIQUE: Project – Energy Development and Access Project (APL-2) in Mozambique

Status: In Planning

Opportunity Type: Consulting, Goods, Works

Project Summary

Component 1: Primary Networks and Grid Extension Strengthening

Component 2: Rural and Renewable Energy Investments

Component 3: Rural Electrification and New Energy Infrastructure

Component 4: Institutional Capacity Building

The project has been approved by the Board on 4 February 2010.  It is expected to be completed by 30 June 2015. The total cost of the project is estimated at US$ 98 million, comprising of an IDA Credit of US$ 80 million, and a financing from the Government of Mozambique.

MOZAMBIQUE: Capacity building in energy planning and management Request For Proposals

City/Locality:    MAPUTO

Publication Date:   Feb 5, 2010  Deadline:   Mar 8, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

71356200 – Technical assistance services

MOZAMBIQUE: Project – Niassa Provincial Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Mozambique

Opportunity Type: Consulting, Goods, Works

Project Summary

Component 1: Institutional Development Support;

Component 2: Water Supply Rehabilitation and Extension;

Component 3: Support to Sanitation Program; and

Component 4: Project Management and Audit.

The total project cost is estimated to reach UA 20 million (US$ 30 million).

The approved project is expected to commence on 29 April 2010.

MOZAMBIQUE: Project – Massingir Dam Emergency Rehabilitation Project in Mozambique

Opportunity Type: Consulting, Goods, Works

Project Summary

Component 1: Rehabilitation of the Massingir Dam Bottom Outlet; and

Component 2: Project Management.

The total cost of the project is estimated at UA 21.44 million (US$ 32.16 million).

The approved project is expected to commence on 15 July 2010.

NAMIBIA: Support for Hydroelectric Initiatives in Namibia

Status: Forecast

Opportunity Type: Works, Goods

Announced Date: Feb 15, 2010

Project Summary – an indicative UA20 million (US$30 million)

NIGER: Tender – Maradi, Tahoua and Tillabery Rural Areas Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Niger: Drinking Water Lot No.2

Opportunity Type: Works, Goods

Proposal Due Date: Mar 22, 2010

Project Summary – des travaux de 10 installations d’AEP dans la région de Tillabéry, constitués en un seul lot. Le délai d’exécution est de dix (10) mois hors hivernage (Août-septembre), y compris deux (2) mois de mobilisation.

Tender – Maradi, Tahoua and Tillabery Rural Areas Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Niger: Drinking Water Lot No.1 – des travaux de 10 installations d’AEP dans la région de Maradi, constitués en un seul lot. Le délai d’exécution est de dix (10) mois hors hivernage (Août-septembre), y compris deux (2) mois de mobilisation.

NIGERIA: Project – Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project (UWSSP) for Oyo and Taraba States

Opportunity Type: Works, Goods, Consulting

Project Summary – The total cost of the project, which will be implemented over five years, is estimated at UA 58.82 million (US $ 92 million). The project is expected to commence on 02 September 2010

Component 1: Infrastructure Provision (UA 42 million/US$ 63 million)

Component 2: Institutional Reforms and Capacity Building (UA 7.37 million/US$ 11.06 million)

Component 3: Project Management (UA 0.63 million/US$ 0.95 million)

RWANDA: Tender – Urban Infrastructure and City Management Project in Rwanda: Development Works of Roads and Drainage of Kimisange Site

Opportunity Type: Works

Proposal Due Date: Mar 18, 2010


City/Locality:    Kigali

Publication Date:   Feb 11, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

03100000 – Agricultural and horticultural products

RWANDA: Tender – Rehabilitation, Planning and Asphalting of the Multinational Road Between Rwanda and Burundi: Rehabilitation Works for Nyamitanga-Ruhwa

Opportunity Type: Works, Goods

Proposal Due Date: Mar 08, 2010

Project Summary

Lot 2 : Volet 1 – Travaux de réhabilitation de la route Nyamitanga – Ruhwa (51km) ; et Volet 2 –

Travaux de construction et d’équipement du Poste de Contrôle Unique à la Frontière de Ruhwa;

The deadline for the submission of bids has been moved to 8 March 2010.


Publication Date:   Feb 2, 2010  Deadline:   Feb 16, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

45230000 – Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines, for highways, roads, airfields and railways; flatwork


Request For Proposals

Publication Date:   Feb 2, 2010  Deadline:   Mar 23, 2010

Goods, Works and Services

65130000 – Operation of water supplies

65110000 – Water distribution


City/Locality:    MVK

Publication Date:   Feb 3, 2010  Deadline:   Feb 26, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

33600000 – Pharmaceutical products


City/Locality:    MVK

Publication Date:   Feb 3, 2010  Deadline:   Feb 26, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

33600000 – Pharmaceutical products


City/Locality:    MVK

Publication Date:   Feb 3, 2010  Deadline:   Feb 26, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

03300000 – Farming, hunting and fishing products


Publication Date:   Feb 1, 2010  Deadline:   Feb 23, 2010

In many competitive economies, business incubation is among tools that have been used to successfully create and strengthen new entrepreneurs and new businesses and significantly reduce the high early stage failure rate of small businesses.


92312212 – Services related to the preparation of training manuals

80500000 – Training services


Request For Proposals

Publication Date:   Feb 4, 2010  Deadline:   Feb 19, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

35811300 – Military uniforms

RWANDA: Tender – Study on Development of a National Strategic Plan for the Maintenance of Equipments for Production and Distribution of Renewable Energy in Rwanda

Opportunity Type: Consulting

Proposal Due Date: Mar 08, 2010

SADC: Tender – Strengthening of Economic and Trade Related Capacities and Competencies in the SADC in Southern Africa

Opportunity Type: Consulting

Announced Date: Feb 10, 2010

SADC: Tender – Supply of Analytical Laboratory Equipment for the Food Safety, Capacity Building and Residue Control Project Destined to Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Opportunity Type: Goods

Next Action Date: Proposal Due Date: Mar 29, 2010

SAO TOME é PRINCIPE: Tender – Education for All – Fast Track Education Project in Sao Tome and Principe: Construction of Classrooms for Primary and Preschool Education

Opportunity Type: Works

Proposal Due Date: Mar 12, 2010

SIERRA LEONE: Project – Lungi-Port Loko Road Upgrading Project in Sierra Leone

Opportunity Type: Works, Goods, Consulting

Project Summary – The Lungi-Port Loko Road Project in Sierra Leone seeks to enhance the land route between the airport at Lungi and the capital Freetown, and facilitate the development of regional trade between Port Loko district and the rest of the country as well as with neighbouring Guinea.

Component 1: Road Works

Component 2: Consultancy for Supervision of the Works, Monitoring, and Evaluation and Audit

The total cost of the initiative will be UA 26.86 million (US$ 40.29 million).


Request For Proposals

Publication Date:   Feb 6, 2010  Deadline:   Feb 26, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

45247270 – Reservoir construction works

SOUTH AFRICA: Tender – Trade and Competitiveness Program in South Africa

Opportunity Type: Consulting

Proposal Due Date: Mar 26, 2010

Project Summary – a four-year contract, with an additional one-year option, to develop and implement the Southern Africa Trade and Competitiveness program, whose overarching goal is to increase international competitiveness, intra-regional trade, and food security in the SADC region.

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Tender – Supply of Laboratory Equipment (General, Chemicals and Reagents, and Analytical) for the Quality Control and Inspection of Fishery Products in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Namibia

Opportunity Type: Goods

Proposal Due Date: Mar 16, 2010

SUDAN: Tender – Eastern Nile Watershed Management Project in Sudan

Opportunity Type: Consulting

Express Interest By: Mar 22, 2010

Project Summary – The purpose of the Technical Assistance is to support the promotion of wider adoption of sustainable land and water managemet practices and technologies, to reduce land degradation and increase agricultural productivity in three watersheds, namely Lower Atbara, Bau and Dinder National Park.

SUDAN: Tender – Construction and Refurbishment of the Combined Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) and the Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries State (MARF) Offices for Central Equatoria State, Eastern Equatoria State, Upper Nile State, Jonglei State and Unity State in Sudan

Opportunity Type: Works, Consulting

Proposal Due Date: Mar 03, 2010

SUDAN: Tender – Supply & Delivery of Stretcher, Tarpulin, Oxygen Inhaler, Ladders Aluminium, Fans, Hammers, Rubber Hose, Chocks, Chisels, Adjustable Wrench, Bolt Cutter, Crowbars & Food Dispenser in Sudan

Opportunity Type: Goods

Express Interest By: Feb 24, 2010

SUDAN: Tender – Supply and Delivery of Spare Parts for BRUNO CUMMINS and BRUNO/JOHN DEER Generator in Sudan

Opportunity Type: Goods

Express Interest By: Feb 24, 2010

SUDAN: Tender – Supply of Water Equipment, Spare Parts, Water Treatment Supplies for Kassala, Sudan

Opportunity Type: Goods

Proposal Due Date: Mar 02, 2010

Project Summary

–          Water Pumps

–          Spare parts for water pumps/engines

–          Chlorine tablets

–          Consumables for Water Testing Kit

SUDAN: Tender – Third Party Provision of Engineering Plant & Operations in Somalia

Opportunity Type: Works, Goods

Express Interest By: Feb 22, 2010

Project Summary

The United Nations Support Office for AMISOM (UNSOA) is currently seeking to identify companies such as engineering plants that can provide labour and machinery to support AMISOM in its undertakings in road repairs, preparation of defensive barriers, and other similar small engineering works as required based on Task Orders. The selected contractor should be able to tender their services to AMISOM for a period of at least two years but renewable to additional years as the situation and circumstances require.

SUDAN: Tender – 1. Supply of Caterpillar Spare Parts, and Maintenance and Repair Services of Caterpillar Equipment in Sudan

Opportunity Type: Goods

Proposal Due Date: Feb 28, 2010

Project Summary – seeking expressions of interest from qualified Firms for the provision of Caterpillar Spare Parts and Maintenance and Repair Services of Caterpillar Equipment.

To be considered, Vendor’s expression of interest must include, though not limited to, the following information:

1. Company’s full profile with all details (address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail, etc)

2. Company’s registration number (if already registered with the UN), license(s)

3. List of the company’s clients during the last 3 years (proof of similar services)

4. General organizational capabilities and resources

5. Proof of financial performance over the last 3 years

6. UNGM Registration Number

2. Supply of Kalmar Spare Parts, and Maintenance and Repair Services of Kalmar Equipment in Sudan

3. Supply of JCB Spare Parts, and Maintenance and Repair Services of JCB Equipment in Sudan

4. Supply of Toyota Spare Parts, and Maintenance and Repair Services of Toyota Equipment in Sudan

5. Supply of Nissan Spare Parts, and Maintenance and Repair Services of Nissan Equipment in Sudan

SUDAN: Tender – Construction Works in Sudan

Opportunity Type: Works

Express Interest By: Mar 01, 2010

Project Summary

1- Project 1: Construction of Community Police Centers in 10 locations inDarfur, Sudan ( Daly, Neem, Muhajeria, Khor Omer, Khor Abeche, Kalma, Kass, Greida, Sarif Umra, Fata Burna) Detail of works:

2- Project 2: Construction of helipads (100 X 100 meters) in 24 locations in Darfur: Zalingie, Mukhjar, Forabaranga, Masteri, Habila, Um Dukun, Seleah, El-Daien, Buddu, Graida, Kulbus,Malha,Tullus, Saraf Umra, Mallit,Shangail Tobaya, Kutum, Um Barru, Tine, Kass, Manawasi, Haskanita,Buram,Ed-ul-Fursan.

3- Project 3: Finishing works for 24 two-storey buildings in 4 locations: El Fahser, Nyala, El Geneina and Zalingie. Works consists in all finishing works including painting, partitioning, electrical and plumbilng works, false ceiling, floor finishing, data/voice network, HVAC system, Fire fighting system.

4- Project 4:Erection of pre-fabricated buildings in 25 locations in Darfur, including construction of walkways, construction of septic tanks and waste water connection systems. Location are: Tawilla, Sarif Umra, Korma, Kutum, Malha, Umm Barru, Tine, Mellit, Haskanita, Buram, Edd El Fursan, Tulus, Kass, Manawashi, Muhajeria, Buddu, Graida, Nirtiti, Saleah, Umm Dukhun, Habila, Mournei, Mukhjar, Masterie and Fora Baranga.

SUDAN: Tender – Supply and Delivery of Multistage Centrifugal Electrical Borehole Pumps in Sudan

Opportunity Type: Goods

Express Interest By: Feb 12, 2010

SUDAN: Tender – Consulting Services: Detailed Design, Tendering and Construction Supervision

Opportunity Type: Works, Consulting

Express Interest By: Mar 01, 2010

Project Summary

The services includes detailed design, tendering and construction supervision of three new Headquarter Buildings are to be constructed to house each of the two commissions SSACC, SSAC and the Ministry of Gender, Social Welfare & Religious affairs. Outline plans have been prepared for the building works envisaged, showing preliminary layouts and tentative structural details. The anticipated implementation period will be from April 2010 to June 2011.


Publication Date:   Feb 2, 2010  Deadline:   Mar 7, 2010

Original Language:   English


73000000 – Research and development services and related consultancy services

73220000 – Development consultancy services

SUDAN: Printing Materials for DDR Public Information Project Request For Proposals

Publication Date:   Feb 14, 2010  Deadline:   Mar 1, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

79800000 – Printing and related services

42962000 – Printing and graphics equipment

SUDAN: Gum Arabic Value Chain Analysis Request For Expressions of Interest

Publication Date:   Feb 9, 2010  Deadline:   Feb 28, 2010

Original Language:   English


73100000 – Research and experimental development services

73200000 – Research and development consultancy services

73300000 – Design and execution of research and development

SUDAN: Procurement of 6 4WD – Station Wagon Vehicle ( Diesel Engine Driven)

Request For Proposals

Publication Date:   Feb 9, 2010  Deadline:   Feb 28, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

34113000 – 4-wheel-drive vehicles

SWAZILAND: DCI — land preparation, supply and installation of irrigation equipment for smallholder sugar cane growers in the north-east and south-east Lowveld — Kingdom of Swaziland

Request For Proposals

City/Locality:    MBABANE

Publication Date:   Feb 10, 2010  Deadline:   Apr 26, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

43323000 – Irrigation equipment

45112700 – Landscaping work

SWAZILAND: Tender – Supply of Tools and Equipment for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Institutions, Special Education Needs (SEN) and School Furniture in Swaziland

Opportunity Type: Goods

Proposal Due Date: Mar 30, 2010

TANZANIA: Tender – Consultancy Services for Project Management for the Transport Sector in Tanzania

Opportunity Type: Works

Proposal Due Date: Mar 15, 2010

The Compact program aims at reducing poverty through the implementation of a programme consisting of three projects, each containing a number of activities and sub activities over the five year period of the Compact, namely:

1. The Transport sector Project consists of four distinct activities, the Mainland Trunk Roads Activity, the Zanzibar Rural Roads Activity, the Road Maintenance Activity and the Mafia Island Airport Activity.

2. The Energy Sector Project consists of three distinct activities, the Zanzibar Interconnector Activity, the Malagarasi Hydropower and Kigoma Distribution Activity, and the Distribution Systems Rehabilitation and Extension Activity.

3. The Water Sector Project consists of three distinct activities, the Lower Ruvu Plant Expansion Activity, the Non-Revenue Water Activity, and the Morogoro Water Supply Activity.

WEST AFRICA: Tender – Supply of Laboratory Equipment (General, Chemicals and Reagents and Analytical) for the Quality Control and Inspection of Fishery Products in West Africa

Status: Forecast

Opportunity Type: Goods

Proposal Due Date: Mar 16, 2010

YEMEN: Tender – Procurement of Localized On-Farm Irrigation System (2nd Consignment)

Opportunity Type: Goods

Proposal Due Date: Apr 06, 2010

Project Summary

Lot (1) Drip Irrigation System covering: (132 Hectare)

Lot (2) Bubbler Irrigation System covering: (157 Hectare)

Lot (3) In-line Dripper System covering: (56 Hectare)

Lot (4) Sprinkler Irrigation System covering: (52 Hectare)

ZAMBIA: Household Planting of Grass & Moringa Trees to 3000No Households in Makululu Township in Kabwe Request For Proposals

City/Locality:    Kitwe

Publication Date:   Feb 8, 2010  Deadline:   Mar 26, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

90700000 – Environmental services

ZIMBABWE: Pipeline relaying works Request For Proposals

City/Locality:    HARARE

Publication Date:   Feb 4, 2010  Deadline:   Feb 26, 2010

Original Language:   English

Goods, Works and Services

45210000 – Building construction work

45231113 – Pipeline relaying works

45317100 – Electrical installation work of pumping equipment



MADAGASCAR: Tantalus Rare Earths receives ‘spectacular’ assay results from Madagascar concession February 09, 2010 by Jamie Ashcroft. – Tantalus Rare Earths AG announced the first preliminary assay results of their massive sampling campaign conducted on its concession on the Ampasindava Peninsula in northern Madagascar between September and December 2009. The results show “spectacular” grades of up to 31% of total rare earth oxides. The remaining results are pending and expected later this month.

On the 300  square kilometre concession area a historic, non-JORC/NI43-101 compliant resource of approximately 15 million tons at 1.52% rare earth elements (REE) equivalent has been estimated, which given current prices, estimates the in-ground value at US$1.5bn, Tantalus said. The historic estimates originate from work conducted by a soviet geological mission during the late nineteen eighties and the early nineteen nineties.

MADAGASCAR: Madagascar oil auction seen in Oct this year Feb 9, 2010 (Reuters) – Madagascar’s auction of 50 offshore Indian Ocean oil blocks is likely to proceed in October this year after months of political turmoil delayed the process, a senior official said on Tuesday. The auction has been postponed due to a military-backed coup on the island last year, but Joeli Lalaharisaina, acting director general of the Office of National Mines and Strategic Industries (OMNIS), said it would happen this year. “I’m confident that this auction will be held (this year) despite the political situation … as most companies are carrying on with their activities, but to be realistic, it will be in October,” he told Reuters on the sidelines of an Africa energy conference. The sale of exploration rights will see the number of 2,000 sq km offshore blocks available rise from six to more than 50.

“We are very optimistic that in the next two years we will have proof that there are commercial finds in Madagascar,” he said. He said France’s Total remained on target to start producing heavy oil at the onshore Bemolanga oilfield by 2019 and Houston-based Madagascar Oil, which sold the Bemolanga stake to Total, could see production by 2015 at a second heavy oil project at Tsimiroro.

MALAWI: Country at Risk of Losing World Bank Loan The Malawian government risks losing a World Bank loan if it fails to approve, with the next five weeks, the project to interconnect the Mozambican and Malawian electricity grids.

Mozambique: Money Available to Rehabilitate Mavuzi and Chicamba Dams AIM 10 February 2010 — The Mozambican government has received the green light to go ahead with the rehabilitation and modernizations of the Mavuzi and Chicamba hydroelectric dams, in the central province of Manica. The Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and the Norwegian government, who are financing the project, assured the Mozambican government in November that the necessary resources are now available. The project is now budgeted at 39 million US dollars, higher than the initial estimate of 36.5 million US dollars. Mozambican Energy Minister Salvador Namburete told AIM that the government is now preparing a public tender to select suitable consultants and contractors to carry out the work.

The works in the two dams aims at increasing their generating capacity from 30 to about 80 Megawatts. The two hydroelectric dams are connected to the national power grid and operate in parallel with the Cahora Bassa dam, supplying electricity to the country’s central region and sometimes to the Zimbabwean city of Mutare.

Mozambique: Nacala Airport Construction to Start in April AIM 3 February 2010 — The construction of an international airport at Nacala, in the northern Mozambican province of Nampula is due to start in April, according to the spokesperson for the Mozambican government, Deputy Justice Minister Alberto Nkutumula. The work is budgeted at 112 million US dollars, and will be undertaken by the Brazilian company Odebrescht, in a period of 23 months, transforming the current Nacala military air base into an international airport. The work involves the construction of passenger and cargo terminals, a new control tower, and repaving the runway, bringing the airport up to the standards demanded by international civil aviation. The runway will be 3,400 metres long and will be able to take large aircraft such as Boeings 757 and 767. The airport will be able to handle between 500,000 and 600,000 passengers a year.

Nacala is home to the finest deep water port on the east African coast. In order to attract further investment, the government has given it the status of a special economic zone. There are plans to build an oil refinery at Nacala, although the project has been delayed by the international financial crisis.

Namibia: Cement Giant to Help Build Economy AT 109 metres the Ohorongo Tower north of Otavi, one of the highest buildings in Namibia, is a symbol of the giant role Ohorongo Cement intends to play in the Namibian economy when it starts production at the end of the year: foreign earnings from 300 000 tonnes of exported cement are envisaged to be around US$45 million, or nearly N$340 million,

South Africa: ‘Now Or Never’ for Coega Refinery Project BUSINESS DAY Jocelyn Newmarch 10 Feb 2010

SA MUST decide now whether to build a major new oil refinery, as a delay for Project Mthombo at Coega could make it no longer financially viable, PetroSA warned yesterday. Building a greenfields project such as Mthombo would be possible only in a recession, due to lower construction costs. “Other refineries built in boom times are closing now,” he said. “Coming from the private sector, it has been interesting for me to see the vested interests around the decision.” These interests did not always put SA first.

South Africa: Sappi, Mondi Push On With Restructure BUSINESS DAY Charlotte Matthews 10 Feb 2010

PAPER and packaging groups Sappi and Mondi are both continuing with restructuring moves within their southern African operations, but while Mondi’s restructuring at its Empangeni mill is moving smoothly, Sappi is meeting fierce resistance from unions in Swaziland over its Usutu mill closure. Globally, pulp and paper companies have been cutting costs and streamlining operations to respond to weak market demand and overcapacity in the industry.

SOUTH AFRICA: Coral Hotels opens Cape Town property Dubai-based Coral Hotels and Resorts has announced the official opening of its new South African property, the Coral International Cape Town. Owned by Cii Hotel & Resorts Cape Town, a subsidiary of Cii Holdings, the 137-room property had been under construction since the first quarter of 2007 and has been built at a cost of $40m.

South Africa: BHP Billiton Bullish on Resources Recovery BHP Billiton, the world’s biggest resources group, yesterday joined the growing number of industry leaders expressing optimism about the sector’s prospects after a year of bloodshed on commodities markets.

Tanzania: Best Farming Skills Needed The Citizen (Dar es Salaam) 11 February 2010 Poor knowledge of best farming practices, crop marketing and identification of risks are major factors affecting agriculture development in central regions of Tanzania, an expert has said. The Rural Livelihood Development Company (RLDC) chief executive officer, Mr Charles Ogutu made these remarks in Dodoma yesterday at a one-day cafe to discuss opportunities, achievements and challenges of agricultural development in central Tanzania regions.

“A number of risks, including failure to identify and procure quality seeds, risks in financial services, market systems, in crops pricing and on how to preserve crops after harvests, can make or break the rural farmer,” said Mr Ogutu. Among other issues raised was the call for the Government to encourage collaboration in developing agricultural crops processing industries. “As you know our country does not have enough processing plants, we urge on the authorities to look on how we can get those processing plants at affordable costs”, said Japhet Owino, who runs a small makeshift milk processing enterprise in Dodoma municipality. Other farmers requested the Government and RLDC to facilitate provision of modern milk collection and preservation equipment to smallholder dairy farmers in the corridor so ass to transform their sector.

ZIMBABWE: South Africa alarmed at Zimbabwe’s new business policy Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) There has been widespread reaction in South Africa to reports that white businessmen in Zimbabwe who do not cede control of their companies to black partners, could face jail sentences under a law coming in to effect next month.    10/02/2010

Zimbabwe: Two SA Companies Align to Develop Country’s Gold Deposits THE HERALD 9 February 2010

SOUTH Africa-based privately owned mining house Clarity Capital has formed an alliance with a subsidiary of the JSE-listed Aveng group, E+PC Engineering & Projects, to develop certain mineral deposits, including gold, in Zimbabwe. According to a statement by Clarity, the parties would start the alliance with the development of its flagship gold vehicle in Zimbabwe, Duration Gold’s Vubachikwe high-grade tailings reprocessing project. This will also include the initiation of a bankable feasibility study for the expansion of the Vubachikwe mine, as well as the development of the Athens and Gaika mines. A number of other projects owned by Duration and third parties were also under review for possible inclusion.

E+PC provides engineering, design and project delivery services and has experience in the operation and maintenance of metallurgical processing plants. “Clarity’s early-mover strategy offers us a unique opportunity to further expand our market in Zimbabwe, which we see as re-emerging with huge growth potential,” noted E+PC business development director Mr Mark Berger. Gold is one of the minerals that is expected to drive growth in the mining sector together with platinum. According to the 2010 National Budget, the mining sector is projected to grow by 40 percent, reflecting a significant output increase for gold, with moderate performance for the other minerals. BETTING ON BOB’S AGE AND SUSTAINED GOLD PRICE, ODDS 10-1 AGAINST

Zimbabwe: New Twist to Chiadzwa Diamonds Saga THE HERALD Zvamaida Murwira 9 February 2010

Mbada Diamond Mining Company one of two firms exploiting the Chiadzwa diamond resource has no background in the field and one of its parent companies used to deal in scrap metal, the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy heard yesterday. The committee, chaired by Guruve South legislator Cde Edward Chindori-Chininga (Zanu-PF), was told that Grandwell Holdings had a background in scrap metal and not diamonds while one of its directors had a history of lecturing a “diamond-related subject” at university some years ago. Grandwell and the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation formed Mbada.

The other company operating in Chiadzwa is Canadile Miners, a ZMDC and Core-Mining and Minerals joint venture. Giving evidence to the committee, ZMDC chief executive Mr Dominic Mubayiwa said the Mines Ministry had forwarded Mbada and Canadile’s names as approved investors. He said while ZMDC had people representing it on the two firms’ boards, it did not participate in identifying them as the appointments were made by the parent ministry. “One of the companies was dealing in scrap metal but one of its shareholders had lectured at a university in a diamond-related subject some years back. “From the due diligence we made, both companies had the financial and administrative capacity to invest.

“The two companies were considered on the background of approved investors and discussions ensued between us and them,” he said. The committee was not satisfied by Mr Mubayiwa’s failure to give detailed backgrounds of the people representing ZMDC on the two companies’ boards. “It is this committee’s view that putting ZMDC and these companies to mine diamonds in Chiadzwa was irresponsible and in error. “Are you unlocking value to the nation or to individuals? You have no control of what is going on at Chiadzwa as ZMDC,” Cde Chindori-Chininga said. He also asked Mr Mubayiwa to comment on indications that many people representing ZMDC on the boards were there because they were connected to senior Mines


BURUNDI: Burundi proposes “tax haven” to Belgian investors Bujumbura, Burundi (PANA) – The Burundian Head of State, Pierre Nkuruziza, on Monday pledged to make the national tax system attractive for Belgian businessmen, saying this would be similar to a “tax haven”, PANA reported from here.    08/02/2010

East Africa: Comesa, Ecowas Sign Economic Partnership Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam) Austin Beyadi 9 February 2010 – THE Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS) to enhance private sector development in the two regions and to advance regional economic integration towards attaining the African Economic Community (AEC).

Ethiopia: New Authority to Rejuvenate Rift Lakes Addis Fortune (Addis Ababa) Wudineh Zenebe 9 Feb 2010

A new authority is to be established under the Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) with special responsibilities for the lakes in the Rift Valley. The ministry has hired a consultancy firm, Generation Consult, with which it signed an agreement worth 1.8 million Br to study the situations and propose the structure for the new authority. Five firms, including Desta Horecha Water Supply Engineering, ITAB Consult, and Omega Development had offered their tenders following the ministry’s invitation on October 27, 2009. The new authority will have jurisdiction over Langano, Hawassa, Zeway, Abiata, Shalla, Abaya and Chamo lakes. “All development work done on or along these lakes will require the permission of this authority,” said Fekahmed Negash, director of the Plan, Study, and Follow-up Directorate at MoWR.

One of the immediate works of the new authority, according to the official, will be the recovery of the receding Lake Abiata and charging businesses along the lake for the use of the lake’s water. This lake, located southwest of Addis Abeba after Zeway Town in Oromia, is one of Ethiopia’s natural salt lakes. The waters of Abiata have receded five kilometres. The Abiata Soda Ash Factory used to divert the lake water into 16 ponds and evaporate it to extract trona, a mineral used in glass and caustic soda production. “There are several investments around this lake which are using the water,” said Fekahmed.

Ethiopia: Adama Employs 8,810 in Cobblestone Scheme Adama (Nazareth) is paving of three kilometres of sidewalk with a width of 12 metres using cobblestone at a cost of 4.3 million Br.

Ethiopia: Tana Basin Study Aims to Irrigate 20,000ht A study for the irrigation of 20,000ht of land in the Tana Basin was delivered by the Tahal Group, a Netherlands based engineering company, to the Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) on Monday, February 1, 2010.

Ethiopia: Tigray, Southern Towns Get First Roads Addis Fortune (Addis Ababa) Wudineh Zenebe 9.2.2010

The Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) is awarding two road construction projects, worth 1.3 billion Br, for two local contractors. The first, a 76km segment from Dedebit to Adi Remets in Tigray, was awarded to Sur Construction which offered 801 million Br to the one billion Br offered by Yenkomad, the only other contender for the project. This project is the third segment, two of which are already under construction. The 71km segment from Shire (Enda Selassie) to Dedebit Road is being constructed by Satcon Construction at a cost of 510.7 million Br. The other segment, a 98km road from Adi Remets to Dejena Densha is being handled by the Chinese Hunan Hunda Company at a cost of 926.3 million Br.

Sur, which is owned by the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT), initially offered 855.5 million Br but ended up cutting it down by 4.5 million Br. A second project, which drew five local bidders, is the 60km road from Arba Minch to Belta in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Regional State (SNNPR). The winning tender was offered by Brehane Hagos at 563 million Br, while Sunshine Construction offered the largest at 863 million Br. Other bidders were Akir, Sur and Yenkomad, according to an official at ERA.

These roads are part of the 2,046km of roads the authority intends to construct this fiscal year, with a total approved budget of 11.2 billion Br, way down from the 15.8 billion Br it had proposed to the government. Nine million Birr came from the Federal Government, while 1.8 billion Br and 355.3 million Br were obtained through loans and aid, respectively. ERA’s plan for the fiscal year involves 25 projects in areas which previously were not served by roads, including the above projects in the Tigray Regional State and SNNPR State, which will be asphalt roads.

Kenya: Now Pattni Plans Seven-Star Hotel DAILY NATION David Okwembah 5 February 2010

After losing out in the battle for the ownership of the Grand Regency Hotel, Nairobi businessman Kamlesh Pattni has now come up with an even grander project; a seven star Sh4 billion hotel complex just up the road from his former gem that was taken over by Libyans. But before construction of The Prince begins at Nairobi’s Museum Hill, Mr Patni will have to navigate the controversy over a new 50-year lease agreement on the land on which he intends to build the hotel and shopping complex. The ministry of Lands has controversially given a company linked to him a 50-year lease for the prime property at the city’s Museum Hill, throwing two government ministries at loggerheads.

On November 27, 2008, the Commissioner of Lands, Mr Zablon Mabea, granted the lease to Galaxy Walker Ltd for the building of the seven-star hotel, to be known as The Prince. Under the lease, all buildings on the property, which belong to the Office of the Vice-President and the ministry of Home Affairs, will be demolished and the multi-storeyed structure put up in its place. Also to be put up on the same plot is a shopping mall, furnished apartments, executive offices and a massive parking lot to accommodate 1,000 vehicles. The ministry of Lands kept the Office of the Vice-President in the dark over the 50-year lease.

Kenya: Kengen Sets Stage for Bulk Steam Power Business Daily (Nairobi) Kaara Wainaina 10 February 2010

The Kenya Electricity Generating Company has signed up a consultant to guide what is billed to become the biggest geothermal power project in Kenya. Sinclair Knight Merz of New Zealand is now expected to come up with the technical design, prepare tender documents and pre-qualify potential bidders for a 280 megawatts geothermal power project in Olkaria. The consultant is also tasked with tender evaluation, contract negotiation, supervision of construction contracts and general support during the warranty period of the project.

According to work schedule, the Sh100 billion project is expected to be completed mid 2013, and will effectively see Kenya’s green energy contribute about 30 per cent of the country’s electricity consumption estimated to reach 1,500 megawatts at the close of 2012. The project will be funded partly by the government and by international lenders among them Japan International Co-operation Agency JICA, French Development Agency, European Investment Bank (EIB), German Development Bank (KfW), World Bank and KenGen.

The geothermal project will involve installation of four 70MW power generating machines, steam gathering systems, construction of substations, transmissions lines and other necessary infrastructure. Whereas geothermal power requires heavy investments, in the long run it is cheaper than oil generation that the country resorts to avert crisis. Average bulk purchase prices by KPLC suggest geothermal power at Sh6 per kilowatt hour is the second cheapest mode of generation after wind (Sh7.50). Thermal power costs the distributor Sh14 per kilowatt hour.

Information given to investors during the Kengen Public Infrastructure bond put production cost for a Kilowatt hour from geothermal at Sh4.30 against thermal’s Sh5.20. For geothermal, the bulk of the cost lies in initial investment at Sh3.60 per kilowatt hour against thermal’s Sh1.90. It, however, costs Sh0.70 to maintain a geothermal unit against Sh3.30 needed to maintain a kilowatt hour of a thermal plant.

KenGen managing director Eddy Njoroge said the power utility had finished drilling wells for the geothermal project, meaning the successful bidder will just wire turbines and start generating. The government has been forced to drill steam wells in a bid to attract investors who are put off by the high costs and risks of striking a dry well associated with drilling. Geothermal is set to become the country’s main source of electricity largely due to the country’s massive potential estimated at 7,000MW of power, which is five times the current national electricity consumption. According to the power generator’s projections, the total output from geothermal is pegged at 675 Megawatts of power by 2015. KenGen is generating 115 megawatts from Geothermal at the Olkaria plant in Naivasha.

Kenya: AG, Muthaura Summoned over Railway Deal Extension Parliament’s Public Investment Committee has summoned top government officials to explain their reasons for extending the Rift Valley Railways (RVR) railway concession, despite the committee’s recommendation that the concession be terminated “immediately.”

KENYA: Kenya dhow captain fears new port Kenya’s government is planning to build a massive new port – expected to be the busiest in East Africa, serving neighbouring countries such as Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo. But the port is near Lamu, a beautiful, unspoilt island, which centuries ago dominated the region’s trade in ivory, gold and slaves. Some local residents are looking forward to the wealth they hope the new port will generate. But dhow captain Fahad Mohamed Musa fears that the development will hurt local fishermen.

Rwanda: Nyamagabe Earmarks Frw1.3 Billion for Water THE NEW TIMES Eugene Kwibuka 8 February 2010

The district has earmarked Frw1.3 billion for the provision of clean water, Emmanuel Murangwa, the district vice Mayor in charge of economic affairs said yesterday. According to Murangwa, the district will build eight water channels to increase access to safe water. The water channels that are currently under construction will cover a radius of 112 kms.

Rwanda: KCC Kick-Starts Urban Agriculture THE NEW TIMES Bosco R. Asiimwe 6 February 2010

Kigali City Council (KCC), in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture, on Thursday kicked off a campaign to implement urban agriculture in line with the city master plan. The farming will be conducted according to the Urban Planning Agriculture (UPA) strategic plan which was designed by KCC in conjunction with the City of Rome. Among the types of farming to be practiced under this program include horticulture and coffee farming whose implementation will be overseen by districts and cooperative societies within the city. The Director General of Rwanda Horticulture Development Authority (RHODA), Magnifique Nzaramba, advised that the practice be aligned to schools’ curricula to encourage students take part in the agricultural sector.

Rwanda: Project Delays 5,000 Jobs Rwanda’s hopes of having a free trade zone where operators import and process products for re-export has delayed. NPD Cotraco, a local construction company that was hired to open and tarmac roads, fix a sewage system, extend water and electricity on the 100 hectare piece of land by December 2009 is yet to finish work.

SUDAN: Vietnam Targets Oil and Gas Exploration in Sudan February 12, 2010 – The Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade today expressed hopes that the Sudanese government will create favorable conditions for PetroVietnam to invest in projects in the African country.

Uganda: World Bank Gives Uganda Sh370 Billion Loan for Roads THE World Bank has granted Uganda $228m (about sh368b) loan to improve the transport and agricultural sectors, the country manager, Kundavi Kadiresan, has said.

Uganda: Tirupati Development Starts Agric Park TIRUPATI Development Uganda has earmarked $20m (about sh39.8b) for the construction of an agricultural produce market in Namanve, Kampala.

Uganda: Kabale to Get First Airstrip THE Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has approved the construction of the first airstrip in Kabale district.

Uganda: Country to Import More Fingerlings From Uganda In its continued bid to make Rwanda self sufficient in fish production, government has ordered for 35,000 fingerlings from Uganda to restock Rwanda’s land water bodies.

Uganda: Hydropower Will Secure Uganda’s Future POWER is a major requirements for the modern era and its demand is very high for industrial development and domestic use. Uganda, as a developing country, continues to be one of the states where hydropower will play a great role in the future. In economic development, hydropower boosts industries and energy exports.

Uganda: Ugachick Starts Sh2.4 Billion Fish Feed Plant Ugachick Poultry Breeders has invested $1.2m (about sh2.4b) in a drive to increase its fish feed production capacity.

Uganda: Tullow Sells Oil Wells to Chinese Company The second major prospecting firm in Uganda’s oil fields, the British company Tullow Oil plc, is expected to announce this week that it will sell half of its stakes in Uganda to a Chinese company at $2.5 billion (Shs4.7 trillion).


CONGO R.O.C.: Maurel & Prom to Abandon M’Bafou Well in the Congo Friday, February 12, 2010 – Maurel & Prom will plug and abandon the M’Bafou well, drilled in the Marine III exploration permit in the Congo. The well met its oil targets, but production is not sustainable.

GABON: Manganese deposit found in Gabon Libreville, Gabon (PANA) – A new manganese deposit with reserves estimated at 60 million tonnes has been discovered in southeastern Gabon, it was announced by the Gabonese subsidiary of BHP Billiton. “We have set ourselves a target before building a plant and we need a significant quantity of resources before moving to the next phase,” said Gabriel Kamga, managing director of BHP in Gabon.    10/02/2010

GHANA: Mira Still in Talks with GNPC for Onshore Concession Wednesday, February 10, 2010 – Mira Resources is still in active negotiations with GNPC for a potential acquisition of the onshore Tano Basin concession in Ghana.

Liberia: Ellen, World Bank Chief Discuss Several Projects; Road Reconstruction Tops Agenda World Bank President Robert Zoellick has responded positively to a call by Liberian President Ellen Johnson to hasten the implementation of World Bank projects in Liberia, the Executive Mansion says.

LIBYA: Libya to import 500,000 gas cylinders in 2010 Tripoli, Libya (PANA) – Libya will this year import 500,000 gas cylinders to off set the deficit recorded in its local market and meet the country’s growing need , the administrative and financial director of the Libyan Company for the Commercialization of Oil Products, Briga, Omar Chamekh Mohamed, announced here.    11/02/2010

Nigeria: Benue Cement Company Shut Down over Alleged N190 MillionTax Evasion The Benue Cement Company BCC, Gboko has been shut down and production of the Portland brand of cement at the factory halted following a picket action carried out by the management of the Benue State Board of Internal Revenue Services Board.

Nigeria: Borno Rice Farmers Want Modern Tools The Zabarmari Rice Farmers Association in Maiduguri on Sunday, called on the Borno Government to provide it with modern processing machines, to add value to their produce.

Nigeria: Reps Revoke $120 Million Imo River Dredging Contract Leadership (Abuja) Adesuwa Tsan 3 February 2010 – The House of Representatives Committee on Privatisation and Commercialisation, has recommended the withdrawal of the contract for the dredging of the Imo River from UK-RUSAL, while directing the immediate refund of $120 million which was the contract sum of the project with an accrued interest of 3 years to the federation account by the Bureau of Public Enterprises ( BPE). The House committee made this decision yesterday during the first session of a two-day investigative hearing into the privatisation of Jos Steel Rolling Mill, Imo River Dredging (ALSCON) and Skypower Aviation Handling Company by the BPE. The contract in question was awarded at the cost of $120 million to UK-RUSAL, a major investor in Aluminum Smelting Company of Nigeria (ALSCON) three years ago, but work is yet to begin at the site.

The committee also queried the rationale behind awarding a contract for the dredging of the Imo River to the Imo River Dredging Company which was set up by RUSAL when the company’s strength is in aluminium smelting and not dredging.

NIGERIA: Nigeria’s New Leader Woos Oil Companies Friday, February 12, 2010 – Nigeria’s new acting president, Goodluck Jonathan, is attempting to breathe life into the nation’s ailing energy sector just two days after assuming the duties of President Umaru Yar’Adua.

TOGO: AfDB, Togo Sign Usd 36 Million Road Rehabilitation Grant Agreement African Development Bank 12 February 2010 – The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group and Togo have signed a USD 36.2 million (Units of Accounts-UA 23.31 million) grant agreement for the rehabilitation of a major road link which constitutes part of the Trans-African highway.

Speaking after the signing ceremony, Mr. Mbesherubusa explained that the realization of the Aflao-Sanve Condji-Benin Border Road Rehabilitation and Modernization Project … will complete the missing link on the Togolese portion of the Abidjan-Lagos highway co-financed by the World Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, the West African Development Bank and the ECOWAS Investment and Development Bank. “This project constitutes an integral part of the Abidjan-Lagos Tran-African highway which is a priority in both ECOWAS and the NEPAD initiative,” he said, adding that the highway is among the strategic road links in the zone and accounts for an important part of the road traffic between coastal cities in the sub-region (Abidjan, Accra, Lome, and Cotonou). Mr. Mbesherubusa emphasized the need to accelerate the project’s implementation process.


Africa: A Stronger Nepad Secretariat Vital DAILY NATION 8 February 2010 One of the key decisions taken at the end of the 14th summit of the African Union last week was to establish a new body to take over the functions of the secretariat of the New Partnership for Africa Development (Nepad). Established in 2001 with high hopes, Nepad’s achievement have been modest, at best. A major problem was that it took too long for the secretariat to evolve into a strong, well-funded institution. The management of Nepad has been in the hands of multiple committees, most chaired by Heads of State with little time for the programme. Indeed, the difficulties experienced by Nepad are a perfect illustration of what obtains when a large continent-wide organisation is left in the hands of weak and unwieldy committees that meet infrequently.

Turnover in the membership of these committees has been very low, and chairmen and committee members have been allowed enjoy long uninterrupted tenures, resulting in stagnation of ideas. It is time the Nepad secretariat underwent re-engineering and its mandate broadened. Right now, Africa badly needs a body to co-ordinate the operations of the several regional economic groupings. Trading arrangements and economic groupings have mushroomed to the extent that there are cases where countries find themselves belonging to more than one grouping.

For instance, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, the DRC, The seychelles and Zimbabwe are members both of Comesa and the SADC, while Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi belong to both the East African Community and Comesa. The continent needs a body to take up the responsibility rationalising membership to existing regional economic groupings. The mandate of the re-engineered Nepad should be expanded to include refereeing differences among the various economic groupings on the continent.

Africa: Aureos Raises U.S. $381 Million For New African Fund DAILY CHAMPION Comfort Ekeleme 11 February 2010 — Private equity fund manager Aureos has closed to new investors a fund investing in small and medium-sized businesses in Africa at a total of $381.1 million, the company said on Monday. The fund aims to make initial investments of up to $10 million in businesses that have potential to expand across Africa within two to three years, Aureos said in a statement. It has already invested around $120 million in 10 companies, including an East African milk production firm, a Nigerian biscuit manufacturer and a cement company in Senegal, it said.

AFRICA: Uganda to Host 2010 Agribusiness Meet THE NEW TIMES Emojong Osere and David Ssempija

11 February 2010 — UGANDA is to host the 2010 edition of the agribusiness forum. The conference, which comes at a time when the country and Africa are facing a slump in food production, will seek solutions to problems affecting food production on the continent. This year’s event is also expected to focus on ways of increasing agricultural business opportunities, address issues of food security and job creation.

The forum is organised under the theme “Food security: A business opportunity” and aims at boosting Africa’s agro-food sector. It will run from October 3 to October 6.

AFRICA: DRC to host 4th African Oil Congress next month Kinshasa, DR Congo (PANA) – DR Congo will next month host the 4th African Oil Congress (CAPE), which brings together 16 African oil producing countries, the Congolese minister of hydrocarbons announced on Thursday.    05/02/2010


BAHRAIN: Bahrain plans 5,000 new homes a year New homes will only take two months to build using a new Chinese construction technique.

EGYPT: Egypt to start cement bid process by mid-2010 Egypt’s Industrial Development Authority has said it aims to start an international bidding process to grant cement licences by the middle of this year, Reuters has reported. ‘We’re presenting the case to the High (Supreme) Council of Energy to get their blessing,’ IDA Chairman, Amr Assal told the news service. ‘Afterwards, we will announce the international bidding process.’

EGYPT: Egyptian-Saudi power linkage project to start in June Egyptian electricity minister Hassan Younis has announced that a power-linkage project with Saudi Arabia will start in June. The project, aimed at transferring 4,500 megawatts at two stages, will be completed by 2013, he said. The project will be part of a power-linkage grid that will comprise other Gulf countries, Younis added.

QATAR: Qatar Diar finalises strategic partnership with Vinci by Gavin Davids 04 February 2010 Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company announced on Wednesday that it had finalised negotiations for a strategic partnership with French public works group Vinci, today. Following negotiations that began on Aug 31, 2009, Diar agreed to the wholesale transfer of Cegelec, a technological solutions firm, in exchange for 31.5 million shares in Vinci, making it the largest shareholder after the group’s employee savings fund. In addition, the Qatari company will appoint a director to the Vinci board, subject to the shareholder’s approval. It will also be a member of the Vinci group’s strategy and investment committee.

The two companies are currently working together to carry out studies on the proposed Qatar-Bahrain bridge. In the past, they have also worked together on a number of projects for DIAR’s urban development, Lusail City. The 40 kilometre long Qatar-Bahrain causeway is one of the longest in the world and its estimated final cost will be approximately three billion dollars.

QATAR: Qatar to move ahead with subsea tunnel project Jamal al-Kaabi, acting manager of the design department at Qatar’s Public Works Authority, has said the country will go ahead with plans for a 12km subsea tunnel that will link the capital’s new airport with the financial centre at a cost of more than $1bn, Zawya Dow Jones has reported. ‘The road is under the urban planning department for the concept design and then we will be taking that project for the detailed design and construction phase,’ he said. Danish engineering consultants COWI have submitted a feasibility study and a preliminary concept design, which is now awaiting approval from the Qatari government’s urban planning department.

SAUDI: ACWA to bid on $10bn of projects Saudi-based power and water firm, ACWA Power International is planning to bid for $10bn in contracts this year in the Gulf region, Africa and Turkey as well as its home market, Bloomberg has reported. ACWA CEO Paddy Padmanathan said the firm plans to bid on $2.5bn worth of projects in Saudi Arabia, and will also take part in tenders in Oman, Abu Dhabi, Morocco, Turkey, and may later also bid on projects in Qatar, Jordan, South Africa and Botswana. ‘We have picked these countries because they’ve all got wonderful opportunities for rapidly growing power demand,’ he told the news service.

SAUDI: Saudi Aramco to spend $120bn on projects Saudi Aramco plans to invest around $120bn over the next 5-6 years in developing projects in the oil and petrochemicals sectors, the company’s chief executive told Arabiya TV. The company plans to spend $60bn on the oil sector, while the remaining investement would be for the development of petrochemcial projects and foreign investments, said Khalid al-Falih. ‘Over the coming five to six years the total investment for Saudi Aramco will be around $120bn,’ he said. ‘Funding investments for our other projects comes from joint ventures, loans and individual Saudi investors.’

SAUDI: Faqeeh Poultry to invest SR3bn in expansion Saudi Arabia’s Faqeeh Poultry Farms, the world’s largest individually-owned poultry farm, has announced plans to invest more than SR3bn, as part of a plan to boost production over the next five years, Arab News has reported. The five-year plan aims to boost the company’s daily production to one million broiler chickens and three million table eggs. “The SR3bn development plan includes launching new farms, chicken feed factories, model abattoirs and a vast logistic system for the prompt supply of goods to consumers across the kingdom,” Abdul Rahman Faqeeh, founder and owner of the farm said. The group expects to create 6,000 jobs through the plan.

UAE: Abu Dhabi to invite bids on $2bn power plant The Abu Dhabi government has announced plans to invite firms to submit proposals in March to build a 1,600 megawatt power plant worth about $2bn, Reuters has reported. The Shuweihat 3 independent power project will be the emirate’s ninth power project under a privatisation plan launched in 1998, under which international developers take a stake in the project. ‘We have started the process of prequalification and we are targeting sending the request for proposals early next month,’ Abdulla Saif al Nuaimi, director of privatisation at the Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority (Adwea), told the news service. ‘We expect to finalise selection of the developer by November this year, (make the) financial close by April 2011 and commissioning in summer 2013.’

UAE: Bids sought for $1bn Abu Dhabi football stadium Mubadala Development Co, Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund, has set May 24 as the closing date for bids on the contract to build an estimated $1bn football stadium in the UAE capital, Meed has reported. The 65,000-seat football stadium is part of the new Capital City District development next to Khalifa City, between Mussafah and Abu Dhabi International airport. The five groups which have prequalified for the tender include France’s Bouygues with the local/Lebanese Arabian Construction Co (ACC); South Korea’s Samsung Corp and Germany’s Ed Zueblin; Japan’s Taisei Corp and Beijing-based China State Construction Engineering Corp; and France’s Vinci Grand Projets with Athens-based Consolidated Contractors Co (CCC).

UAE: Dubai rents expected to drop further A new report predicts that commercial and residential property rents in Dubai will continue to decline this year due to oversupply and rising vacancy rates. ‘The real estate market remained sluggish during the final quarter of 2009 with few signs to suggest any imminent upturn in fortunes,’ property consultancy firm CB Richard Ellis said in its Dubai MarketView for the fourth quarter of 2009. Lease rates for commercial space in newer areas of Dubai, which have already dropped 50%, are expected to head lower ‘as competition for tenants continues to lead landlords towards greater incentive packages’, the report said. Residential units are also likely to see ‘a further small contraction during the course of the next year as a substantial volume of new residential accommodation reaches the final stages of construction’, it said.

UAE: International Consortia submit bids for Abu Dhabi highway Abu Dhabi’s Department of Transport has announced it has received bids from three international consortia competing for the 25 year concession to upgrade, finance, operate and maintain the Mafraq – Ghweifat Highway, Wam has reported. The project, which is the first transport-related public-private partnership project in the GCC, will see the highway widened to four lanes in each direction (three in the less-trafficked portions near Ghweifat) and upgraded to meet international standards in highway design, safety, communications and services to users. The Highway, which stretches 327 km from Mafraq to the border at Ghweifat, provides the only access to the Western Region, including the industrial centre of Ruwais and several important tourist destinations.

UAE: Istithmar seeking buyers for Inchcape Shipping Istithmar World, the investment unit of Dubai World, has put Inchcape Shipping Services up for sale for $600m to $700m, the Financial Times has reported, citing people familiar with the situation that it didn’t name. Advent International, Cinven, Charterhouse, Montagu, TPG and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. are among private equity groups working on potential bids.

UAE: Dubai Investments’ glass unit eyes export markets Firm eyes double revenues this year as it taps new export markets & expansion.

UAE: Dubai World seeks $22bn debt freeze this month – report by Tamara Walid 10 February 2010

State-linked indebted conglomerate Dubai World intends to ask creditors for a six-month standstill on $22 billion in debt this month, until it completes restructuring, an Arabic-language daily said on Wednesday. According to a report published in the Al Ittihad newspaper, Dubai World will request a debt freeze from the end of February, which would cover a bond repayment of $980 million from property unit Nakheel. A spokesman for Dubai World said the company has not released a statement on a standstill and declined to comment further.

A last minute intervention from neighbour Abu Dhabi staved off a default on a major Nakheel bond payment on Dec. 14 , but further financial help is conditional upon a standstill agreement. Dubai World has access to about $4.9 billion remaining of the funds provided by Abu Dhabi, and the financial support will cover working capital and interest expenses, while a restructuring plan is hammered out. A meeting was held between Dubai World and some 97 creditor banks on Dec. 21 – bankers said at the time the firm may ask for a standstill in January. A $1.2 billion Islamic loan at Limitless is due for maturity in March, the next major loooming repayment, which Dubai World may seek to roll over, but it is unclear whether banks will agree without a standstill agreement in place. An unofficial coordinating committee of seven creditor banks is negotiating between lenders and Dubai World. (Reuters) PART OF THE RESTRUCTURING IS THE NAME TO GOODBAI WORLD


Frankincense: Could it be a cure for cancer? 9 February 2010 The gift given by the wise men to the baby Jesus probably came across the deserts from Oman. The BBC’s Jeremy Howell visits the country to ask whether a commodity that was once worth its weight in gold could be reborn as a treatment for cancer. Oman’s Land of Frankincense is an 11-hour drive southwards from the capital, Muscat. Most of the journey is through Arabia’s Empty Quarter – hundreds of kilometres of flat, dun-coloured desert. Just when you are starting to think this is the only scenery you will ever see again, the Dhofar mountains appear in the distance.

On the other side are green valleys, with cows grazing in them. The Dhofar region catches the tail-end of India’s summer monsoons, and they make this the most verdant place on the Arabian peninsula.

Warm winters and showery summers are the perfect conditions for the Boswellia sacra tree to produce the sap called frankincense. These trees grow wild in Dhofar. A tour guide, Mohammed Al-Shahri took me to Wadi Dawkah, a valley 20 km inland from the main city of Salalah, to see a forest of them.

“The records show that frankincense was produced here as far back as 7,000 BCE,” he says. He produces an army knife. He used to be a member of the Sultan’s Special Forces. With a practised flick, he cuts a strip of bark from the trunk of one of the Boswellia sacra trees. Pinpricks of milky-white sap appear on the wood and, very slowly, start to ooze out.

“This is the first cut. But you don’t gather this sap,” he says. “It releases whatever impurities are in the wood. The farmers return after two or three weeks and make a second, and a third, cut. Then the sap comes out yellow, or bright green, or brown or even black. They take this.” Shortly afterwards, a frankincense farmer arrives in a pick-up truck. He is white-bearded, wearing a brown thobe and the traditional Omani, paisley-patterned turban. He is 67-year-old Salem Mohammed from the Gidad family. Most of the Boswellia sacra trees grow on public land, but custom dictates that each forest is given to one of the local families to farm, and Wadi Dawkah is his turf.

Camel train

He has an old, black, iron chisel with which he gouges out clumps of dried frankincense. “We learnt about frankincense from our forefathers and they leant it from theirs” he says. “The practice has been passed down through the generations. We exported the frankincense, and that’s how the families in Dhofar made their livings.”

And what an export trade it was. Frankincense was sent by camel train to Egypt, and from there to Europe. It was shipped from the ancient port of Sumharan to Persia, India and China. Religions adopted frankincense as a burnt offering.

Boswellia sacra produces the highest-quality frankincense

That is why, according to Matthew’s Gospel in the Bible, the Wise Men brought it as a gift to the infant Jesus. Gold: for a king. Frankincense: for God. Myrrh: to embalm Jesus’ body after death. The Roman Empire coveted the frankincense trade. In the first century BCE, Augustus Caesar sent 10,000 troops to invade what the Romans called Arabia Felix to find the source of frankincense and to control its production. The legions, marching from Yemen, were driven back by the heat and the aridity of the desert. They never found their Eldorado.

Oman’s frankincense trade went into decline three centuries ago, when Portugal fought Oman for dominance of the sea routes in the Indian and the Pacific Oceans.

Salalah’s Haffa souk: The place to buy Omani brands such as Royal Hougari

Nowadays, hardly any Omani frankincense is exported. Partly, this is because bulk buyers, such as the Roman Catholic Church, buy cheaper Somalian varieties. Partly, it is because Omanis now produce so little. “Years ago, 20 families farmed frankincense in this area,” says Salem Mohammed Gidad. “But the younger generation can get well-paid jobs in the government and the oil companies, with pensions. Now, only three people still produce frankincense around here. The trade is really, really tiny!”

Cancer hope

But immunologist Mahmoud Suhail is hoping to open a new chapter in the history of frankincense. Scientists have observed that there is some agent within frankincense which stops cancer spreading, and which induces cancerous cells to close themselves down. He is trying to find out what this is. “Cancer starts when the DNA code within the cell’s nucleus becomes corrupted,” he says. “It seems frankincense has a re-set function. It can tell the cell what the right DNA code should be. “Frankincense separates the ‘brain’ of the cancerous cell – the nucleus – from the ‘body’ – the cytoplasm, and closes down the nucleus to stop it reproducing corrupted DNA codes.” Working with frankincense could revolutionise the treatment of cancer. Currently, with chemotherapy, doctors blast the area around a tumour to kill the cancer, but that also kills healthy cells, and weakens the patient. Treatment with frankincense could eradicate the cancerous cells alone and let the others live.

The task now is to isolate the agent within frankincense which, apparently, works this wonder. Some ingredients of frankincense are allergenic, so you cannot give a patient the whole thing. Dr Suhail (who is originally from Iraq) has teamed up with medical scientists from the University of Oklahoma for the task. In his laboratory in Salalah, he extracts the essential oil from locally produced frankincense. Then, he separates the oil into its constituent agents, such as Boswellic acid. “There are 17 active agents in frankincense essential oil,” says Dr Suhail. “We are using a process of elimination. We have cancer sufferers – for example, a horse in South Africa – and we are giving them tiny doses of each agent until we find the one which works.” “Some scientists think Boswellic acid is the key ingredient. But I think this is wrong. Many other essential oils – like oil from sandalwood – contain Boswellic acid, but they don’t have this effect on cancer cells. So we are starting afresh.” The trials will take months to conduct and whatever results come out of them will take longer still to be verified. But this is a blink of the eye in the history of frankincense. Nine thousand years ago, Omanis gathered it and burnt it for its curative and cleansing properties. It could be a key to the medical science of tomorrow.

Jeremy Howell reports for Middle East Business Report on BBC World News.

Kenya: Principals Accused of Failing Graft War President Kibaki and Prime minister Raila Odinga were on Wednesday accused of giving lip-service to the fight against corruption by not sacking those involved in the vice.

Madagascar’s deputy prime minister resigns Madagascar’s vice PM Ny Hasina Andriamanjato has resigned in a sign of growing divisions within the government. Friday, 12 February 2010 Madagascar’s vice Prime Minister Ny Hasina Andriamanjato has resigned in a sign of growing divisions within the government over how to end the Indian Ocean island’s year long political crisis. Its diplomatically isolated leader, Andry Rajoelina, risks sanctions and the possible cancellation of critical foreign aid if he fails to compromise on a road map for holding elections that appeases opposition leaders, regional neighbours and donor nations. A source close to Andriamanjato told Reuters the deputy premier, who is also foreign affairs minister, told Rajoelina there would be no international recognition of the former disc jockey’s leadership, nor a resolution to the crisis, without the establishment of a unity government ahead of any ballot. “The vice Prime Minister supports the position of the international community. Furthermore, he feels the signals (from government) are heading in a different direction,” the source told Reuters late on Thursday. Reuters

Mozambique: TTA Insists That It Will Fly to Johannesburg AIM 11 February 2010 — The Mozambican private air company TTA insists that it will indeed begin scheduled flights between Maputo and Johannesburg on Sunday, despite a clumsy attempt by the Mozambican Civil Aviation Institute (IACM) earlier in the week to stop it.

According to a report in Thursday’s issue of the independent newsheet “Mediafax”, TTA met with the IACM on Wednesday and extracted an apology for the statement which the IACM had circulated to the press saying that the TTA subsidiary, TTA Airlink, had no authorisation to fly the Maputo-Johannesburg route.

The suspicion is that when the IACM claimed that TTA Airlink was not authorised to fly the Maputo-Johannesburg route, it was mounting a last ditch defence of the existing system whereby this profitable route is neatly carved up between the publicly owned Mozambique Airlines (LAM), and its South African counterpart, South African Airways (SAA).

Nigeria: Customs Recovers N6.87 Billion from Duty Evaders The Nigeria Customs Service has so far recovered the sum N6.87 billion as underpayments since it began a clampdown on customs duty evaders and fraudulent dealers in the import clearance process last year.

Nigeria: Importer Drags APM Terminals to Court over Excess Charges An importer, Clement Okonkwo has dragged the management of the AP Moller Terminals and a principal officer of the company, Mr. Campbell, to a Lagos High Court over excess charges slammed on him by the Concessioner of the container terminal.

NIGERIA: New acting president for Nigeria Nigeria’s Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan becomes acting president in place of ailing leader Umaru Yar’Adua.

South Africa: Signal Distributor Big Shots Told to Explain Dud Projects SENIOR management of embattled state-owned broadcast and signal distributor Sentech have been called before Parliament’s portfolio committee on communication to explain business decisions made by Sentech, including its involvement in a cable project on the west coast of Africa.

Southern Africa: SADC to Start Regional Stock Trading Soon INVESTORS are months away from being able to trade stocks across 10 securities exchanges in the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) through a common technical interconnectivity platform – signalling the first significant step towards the integration of one of Africa’s economic regions.

Uganda: Oil Scramble Shouldn’t Turn Nation Into Global Septic Tank The Independent (Kampala) Samuel Olara 9 February 2010 — Uganda is in the midst of an “oil boom” and continues to attract serious attention from the world’s major oil players. The “oil boom” has predictably resulted in what appears to be “the global scramble for Uganda’s ‘crude gold filed’. Several international oil giants such as the Italian Eni and the Chinese state-owned CNOOC want to partner with Heritage Oil and Tullow Oil whose exploration has hit oil in the Lake Albert region and in Amuru Northern Uganda.

Heritage Oil has entered an understanding with Italy’s Eni International, to purchase its stake in Uganda’s Block 1 and Block 3A, a deal that culminated in Italy’s Foreign Affairs minister visiting Uganda in early January 2010, partly on a mission to shore up the company’s credentials.

Tullow Oil on the other hand says that it wants to partner with the Chinese firm, CNOOC, in developing Uganda’s oil industry. American Exxon Mobil have also been said to have shown an interest in Uganda’s oil.

Conservative estimates are that sub-Saharan Africa alone will receive more than US$250 billion in oil revenues in the next decade, the largest and most concentrated influx of revenue in the continent’s history.

It remains doubtful that the oil revenues will benefit sub-Saharan Africa’s economies; rather if we are learn from the experiences of countries like Nigeria, Angola, Sudan, DRC, Kenya, Egypt, Corte d’Ivore, and many more; they always have a way of generating mass human suffering, massive corruption, political instability, wars and enormous environmental damage. This day the catch phrase is the globalisation of the global village, here in Africa, we are under the impression of being that village’s septic tank.

With Uganda therefore joining the big boys in oil exploration, it is only a natural human instinct that we wonder about the future. Many commentators have already speculated about the benefit to the economy and GDP, while others have pointed to the “curse” that always seems to come with oil exploration. So can Ugandans be proud of this overwhelming interest from the world’s oil giants? It remains to be seen, but one thing is obvious; the interest of Ugandans has been overridden right from the word go. Our dear visioned leader, President Yoweri Museveni and his Cabinet could not resist the temptation of nodding to deals that only benefits a handful, at the expense of the country. It is a deal between the oil companies and state house, Parliament as usual has been overridden – it has not been allowed to scrutinise the deal let alone see it.

Even the Norwegian experts advising state house have expressed serious reservations: a review of Uganda’s contracts commissioned by the Norwegian Agency for International Corporation (NORAD) in 2008 concluded that the profit-share model adopted “cannot be regarded as being in accordance with the interests of the host country”. According to impeccable sources, the oil contracts are structured so that price risk lies primarily with the state, while the private companies are virtually guaranteed a healthy return even if the market slumps. As the oil price rises, investors will make a higher and unlimited profit, taking close to one quarter of oil revenues, whether each barrel is fetching $100 or $200. The 20-year contracts, consistently weak or completely silent on human rights protection, also include a sweeping “stabilisation clause” requiring the Ugandan government to compensate the companies for any future change in the law that affects their profits – designed to militate against improvements in environmental standards. Where it escalates into a Legal dispute between the two sides, it will not be resolved in Uganda, but in London: at the Energy Institute. Tullow Oil insists that “its contracts with Kampala were “the best deals in the world” for the government.”

Then there is the illegal disposal of toxic residue. All types of industries; whether big or small generate hazardous wastes. Oil companies are no exception, some will try to get rid of their dangerous waste by simply dumping it illegally. All for saving money at the cost of human beings and the environment. It’s a threat to our rivers, lakes, air, land, oceans and ultimately to our health, environment and our future.

Recent soil tests by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) in Purongo, Amuru district have shown unacceptable levels of heavy metals in the waste water and mud cuttings dumped by the oil companies in the process of their exploration activities. The cuttings are pieces of rock that come out of the Earth’s crust during drilling. They contain a mixture of chemicals that are used to cool the temperature of the drilling head. The heavy metals found during the soil tests were lead, zinc, chromium, cadmium, manganese, cooper, nickel, iron, manganese, phosphates, nitrogen, chloride and sulphates. In Murchison Falls National Park for example, waste was removed by Heritage Oil and deposited in the land of a peasant in Purongo. The peasant was paid Shs 300,000 to put the drill mud on his land. A pit was dug and the waste was dumped there. Exposure to these chemicals can damage the brain, cause cancer and tumor, kidney failure and ultimately cause death. In pregnant women, high levels of exposure may cause miscarriage, while in men it can damage the organs responsible for sperm production. The day will come when Ugandans will realize that they are being made into helpless pawns in a monstrously vicious game of masters and slaves. – Olara is a human rights advocate

Zimbabwe: Shabanie Mine Shooting – Fire Destroys Case Record SHABANIE Mine’s wage dispute, which last year saw police shooting two workers during a peaceful demonstration, has taken a new twist following a break-in at the offices of lawyers representing employees in the case.

Zimbabwe: Officials Squabble Over Diamonds Almost 30kgs of diamonds from the controversial Chiadzwa diamond claim have reportedly disappeared after being removed from the Reserve Bank by police last week.

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