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I was born and bred in Burundi, and currently reside in Cape Town, Somerset West Western Cape in the Republic of South AfricaIt is not everyone who is comfortable in public speaking but have a good writing skills, if this sound like you, then this blog is the right place for you.

This blog is a platform for all sons and daughters of the Great Lakes Region (Burundi, DR Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Sudan) as well as those in the Diaspora to express themselves, and share their views as part of their contribution to raising awareness in this region of Africa.

Let us not forget: where we come from, our culture no matter where we are, let us be aware of what is happening in our countries, our region, and most importantly to empower our people by developing our countries, provinces, zones, districts, towns and so on.

Please feel free to express yourself in spite of what people may say. People can agree or disagree but what matters is that you have spoken your mind. Fell free to email me your thoughts, advertise your products or services either in French, English and or Swahili (see my contact page)

Do not sit there quietly while you have the potential to change and contribute to the development of your country or region. Let your voice be heard, please contribute, touch hearts, empower others, and make a difference today.

” To avoid Criticism, be nothing, do nothing and say nothing”.
-Albert Hubbart-



1. Jody - November 11, 2008

Hey Dan, welcome to the blogosphere! I am sure your blog is going to be very interesting indeed, will definitely be stopping by again.

2. ERic - November 14, 2008

What have u said about what u can offer as business opportunities to us?
And it’s seems your blog is only for a certain region.
I’m cameroonian and what for me???????????

3. ERic - November 14, 2008

ok let me see!
For me, i wish to get many contacts and friends from the region!!!

4. ERic - November 14, 2008

very handsome u are!!!
see u friend!

5. lavie lucien - November 24, 2008

yes mr Daniel i appreciete your good work may i think this’s the fondation all of us we supose to bult on it as well it’s also a symbol of talent omong us this’s a lifestyle!am telling you the truth! it’s the bridge to development and God will bless your good achive it will not be your own interest i wish so!but for the good of all visiters wish to adivertise once again thank you for thinking obout this good perfomence just carry on my friend.

6. lulavieniyo - August 25, 2009

hey dan long time my friend!

7. Lawyer in Gambia - April 6, 2010

We’re not in the Great Lakes area but we still think that your blog is great.

If you need any help in West Africa let us know?

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